Guardian Knights South Africa Motorcycle Club



All members shall be properly licensed and insured and their bikes shall be
registered and inspected as required by law.
Full members will wear a chapter designation patch indicating the chapter to which they
belong below the colors.
All members at the time of the adoption of these bylaws are grandfathered as “Full
Section 2
- Associate Members:
Individuals who do not meet all the requirements of full
Membership but share the ideals and values of the organization may apply for
Associate members may not hold office
or participate in ballot votes such as election
of officers, bylaws amendment, or other policy changes
. They may participate
voice votes from the floor and
in club activities and events.
Associate members will wear a patch designating them as “Associate Members”
below the colors in place of a chapter designation.
Associate members may become full members at such time as they meet the
requirements of full membership. Associate members will be taken into full
membership in the order they meet the requirements
as determined by the
Executive Board
. Upon approval of the Executive Board, an appropriate chapter
designation patch will be issued to the member to replace the Associate member
patch and the “associate” patch will be returned to the chapter.
Non- members
who attain full member status will be subject to annual review as specified in Article
V Section 3 (Participation) of these bylaws. Upon review, he/she may be moved back
to “Associate” status if it is determined that the member is not demonstrating the
dedication necessary to maintain full member status.
Associate Members are not included in the ratio calculations for full membership.
Section 3
– Prospective Members
An individual who desires membership in the Guardian Knights
shall have a
member in good standing as a sponsor. The sponsor has to have a personal
knowledge of the prospect candidate. The Sponsoring member shall introduce the
prospect to his/her chapter. Chapter members should take this opportunity to
question the candidate regarding his/her qualifications and reasons for wanting to
join Guardian Knights.
An individual who desires membership but does not have a sponsor and is not known
by the members must become familiar with the membership by attending club
events and activities and should make his/her intentions known to the Executive
Board and the chapter members. When and if the Board feels that the candidate is
ready to become a prospect, they will assign the Sergeant at Arms as the sponsor.
The candidate will be invited to a general meeting and be introduced to the
membership as a candidate for prospect. Chapter members should take this
opportunity to question the candidate regarding his/her qualifications and reasons for
wanting to join Guardian Knights.
Upon acceptance as a prospect, a completed prospective membership application
with all information will be submitted to the Guardian Knights
, along with all applicable fees

Prospects will have no voting privileges until such time as they are accepted into full
Probationary Period – A probationary period is provided to ensure that a prospective
member is suitable for membership in the GKMC and my vary by individual.
The term of any probationary period shall be determined by each
individual chapter and will be defined in their chapter operating policy
will in no case be a period of less than 6 months.
A Prospect will not wear colors during any probationary period.
After a
minimum 3 month period, a prospect may be issued rockers without a
center patch to designate his/her movement in the prospecting period.
Issuance of rockers is subject to Executive Board approval. Upon issuance
of rockers, the prospect may wear club headgear displaying the colors, but
no other “soft colors” (i.e. t-shirts, sweatshirts etc.)
Section 4
– Acceptance of Membership
At the completion of any probationary period,
as approved by the Executive Board
the prospects sponsor will open a discussion at a chapter meeting regarding the
acceptance of the prospect for membership. A u
vote of the Members
present is required to accept the prospect as a member.
Upon acceptance as a Full/Associate member:
The new member will be presented with colors.
The new member will take the membership pledge.
The new member will be provided with appropriate access to members only
portions of the Guardian Knights/chapter website.
Section 5
– Duration of Membership
Guardian Knights membership will continue as long as a person maintains membership in good
Section 6
– Requirements for membership in good standing
A member in good standing must be a fully patched member.
All chapter members and prospects will be required to comply with the Guardian Knights
Bylaws and their individual Chapter Operating Policy.
Guardian Knights members are expressly prohibited from commencing or being a
member of any motorcycle club other than the Guardian Knights
Members will ensure that the Secretary of their individual chapter has their
current address, telephone number and notify their Secretary of any changes.
Section 7
– Resignation of Membership
The membership of any member of the Guardian Knights will terminate after the member has
submitted a written request for such termination to their respective Executive Board.
That Board will respond in writing and/or verbal form to said request.
Code of Conduct
All members are expected to conduct themselves in a manner so as to bring honor
and respect to the club at all times. Any actions, by a member, deemed detrimental
to the organization, shall be cause for review under the Disciplinary Procedures
and could result in discipline up to or including suspension or expulsion
from membership in the Guardian Knights

At no time
any member be
associated with so called 1% or “outlaw”
or members of such organizations
. Such association shall be deemed
grounds for immediate suspension and possible revocation of membership.

- Annual Meeting

An annual meeting will be held in compliance with
applicable laws and requirements under the state and federal jurisdictions regarding the
operation of non-profit corporations. The date of the regular annual meeting shall be set by
the Central Guardian Knights Board who shall also set the time and place.
Section 2
- Notice
- Notice of meetings shall be sent to each member via email
Section 3
- Participation
- Chapters will periodically conduct meetings to discuss business
and plan activities. Members are strongly urged to participate in meetings
and activities
order to help plan activities and conduct the business of the club. While generally non-
member participation in rides and activities shall be encouraged, on occasion it may be
necessary to restrict activities to members only. These members-only activities will be
clearly announced as such. When no restriction is specifically announced, guests are
A participation review board of members in good standing, appointed by the Executive
Board, may review member participation annually. This panel will determine whether a
member is maintaining an acceptable level of participation, taking into consideration all
factors including, but not limited to, work/family obligations, health, military obligations or
other mitigating circumstances. Members found not in good standing will be referred to the
Executive Board for further review and possible action. Actions could include demotion of
non-LE full members to Associate member, suspension of voting rights or other action as
deemed appropriate by the Board.
Section 4
- Activities
- Rides and activities may be suggested and organized by any club
member. Officially sponsored rides should be coordinated with the Chapter Road Captain.

Sanctioned Rides/Activities
A “sanctioned” ride/activity is a ride/activity
organized and sponsored by the Guardian Knights or other group or organization and which
has received approval by a vote of the membership
. All members shall wear their
colors when participating in a “sanctioned” ride/activity.
As many members as
possible are encouraged to participate in “sanctioned” rides/activities to present a
good image for the organization.
Non-Sanctioned Rides/Activities
A “non-sanctioned” ride/activity is a ride
that has not been voted on by the membership.
Members are free to participate
in “non-sanctioned” rides/activities, where such participation is
not in violation of
the Guardian Knights bylaws or code of conduct or chapter operating policy
. The wearing of
colors on “non-sanctioned” rides/activities is optional.
All members (Full and Associate) will pay dues to the organization as a condition of
continued membership. New members
be assessed an initiation fee which shall include
the first year's dues. Dues and initiation fees will not be pro-rated except that, any
individual paying initiation fees in the last quarter (October 1 through December 31) of any
calendar year will be considered “paid in full” for the coming year. Dues/initiation fees are
subject to refund in the event a member leaves the organization. Full time active
military members will be exempt from annual dues.
Section 1
– Setting of Dues/Initiation Fees
- Initiation fees and dues will be set by the
Central Guardian Knights Chapter Executive Board.
Section 2
– Payment
- Annual dues will be due between February 1st and 28th of each
year. Nonpayment of dues will result in suspension of membership and possible dismissal.
Yearly dues will not be pro-rated.
All dues will be made payable to Guardian Knights

or the local chapter
Section 1
– Executive Board
- A five (5) member Executive board shall be elected to
oversee the conduct of business for the organization and each chapter.
The Executive Board
of the Guardian Knights chapter will act as the directors of the Guardian Knights
and will have sole discretion
in granting of charters to chapters and organizational oversight.
Board members will be
members in good standing, except that the position of Road Captain
may be held by either
Full OR non-FULL member. In the case of a tie vote by the 4 voting members of the
board, the vote of the Sgt. @ Arms will be dropped to break the tie.
In the event that a new
Chapter is unable to seat five (5) board members, They may with approval of the
Central Guardian Knights
chapter Board operate under a minimum of three (3).
They will continue to operate with this
3 member board until such time as they can fill a 5 member board.
In the event that there
is only a three (3) member board, the first three offices will be filled.

- The Executive Board will consist of five (5) officers

Responsible for the scheduling and chairing of meetings
including the agenda and oversee the business of the chapter.
Vice President
Assist the president and act in his/her capacity
when he/she is unavailable.
Record the minutes of meetings, handle the
bookkeeping of the chapter, handle banking duties.
Sergeant at Arms
(optional with approval)
Take charge of organizing
meeting places (setup etc.), see to the orderly running of meetings (restoring
order when necessary), greeting and introduction of guests, administering of
the membership pledge and other duties as necessary.
Road Captain
(optional with approval)
Responsible for helping with planning
and logistics of club rides/activities. The Go-To guy for info on staging start
times (not the same as a Ride Captain who leads rides, any member may be
a ride captain for a ride), responsible along with ride captains for the re-
organization of riders at rest/gas stops etc. so no rider is left behind, and
work closely with members in planning routes, stops, designation of “ride
captains”, etc. for club rides and activities.
Section 2
– Election –
Board members shall be nominated and elected by a vote of the
by ballot vote
. These elections will be held 1 month prior to the
expiration of any term and be effective at the expiration of the current term. Nominees
must BE members in good standing of at least one year completed membership.
Section 3
– Transfer of Leadership
– Upon election of a new executive board outgoing
board members will transfer any and all pertinent information and or records to the
incoming officers without delay.
Section 4
– Terms
– All Board members will serve a term of two years, but are eligible for
Section 5
– Powers –
Executive Board members shall see to the day to day business of
the organization/chapter. They will set meeting dates, times and places and oversee the
conduct of those meetings. The Board will oversee any disciplinary issues brought before
the organization/chapter. They will have the power to make decisions regarding the conduct
of business of the organization/chapter. Any decisions made by the board must be by a
majority vote of its members.
Section 6

Limitations –
Board members have no more power than their collective
individual votes except as provided for in the bylaws. All members have equal standing in
the chapter. Decisions will be made by a majority vote of members present,
Section 7
– Vacancies
- Should one or more Executive Board members step down or be
removed, the vacancy shall be filled from within the chapter membership by the election of
an active member in good standing of at least 1 year.
- Discipline
Section 1
– Reporting
- In the case of actions by a member that are deemed detrimental
to the organization, such actions should be reported to the chapter Executive Board along
with all evidence to substantiate the allegations.

Section 2
– Action –
All disciplinary matters will be handled in a closed meeting
. In the
event that a member is accused of actions detrimental to the organization, that individual
may be brought up for review before the membership. This may occur at a regularly
scheduled meeting, or in the case of serious misconduct, a special meeting may be called.
At that time, all evidence regarding the matter shall be presented, and the individual in
question will be given an opportunity to explain his/her actions. Following this presentation
of evidence, the accused member will be asked to leave the room and a vote will be taken
to decide guilt or innocence and any sanctions that should be taken. A
majority vote of
is required
to initiate a suspension or revocation of membership. The
member will then be called back and the Chapter Sergeant at Arms will inform the member
of the verdict and any penalty imposed. In particularly egregious cases, the Executive Board
may by unanimous vote invoke a suspension prior to the disciplinary hearing. Any sanction
rising to the level of suspension or expulsion must be submitted to the Central PA Executive
Board along with all evidence for review.
Section 3
– Sanctions
- Sanctions for misconduct or actions detrimental the organization
will range from verbal warning or reprimand, up to or including revocation of membership.
Sanctions of suspension or revocation of membership shall be reported immediately to the
Central PA Executive Board with appropriate details. Lesser sanctions will be kept within the
local Chapter except in cases of repeated offenses by a member.
- Patches ("Colors")
Section 1
– Ownership
- Patches (Colors) are the property of the Guardian Knights
Motorcycle Club
, inc. and no issuance of the "colors" to a member should be construed as
anything less.
Section 2
– Rights
- The Guardian Knights
, inc. name and emblems are
copyrighted/trademarked material and cannot be reproduced by any individual, chapter
member, or local chapter without expressed permission from the
Central Guardian Knights Executive
Section 3
– Surrender
-A member who leaves the club must surrender his/her colors, and
any other items that denote membership in the club. Initiation fees/Dues do not constitute a
“purchase” of colors, and at no time are refundable.
Section 4
– Wearing of Colors
- Members shall wear their colors when participating in all
club functions.
Colors shall be worn in an approved fashion (IE: sewn on a black vest or jacket in
the proper arrangement). Ride patches/pins or other decoration may be worn on
the vest/jacket, but not within the arrangement of the colors.
Colors are
to be worn by non-members.
Colors are to be worn and handled with respect.
Wearing of the colors is a privilege. Any member who is suspended or expelled
will surrender their colors to the Sergeant at Arms until membership is
– Chapters
Section 1
– Request for new Chapter

Completed requests to establish a new Guardian Knights Charter Chapter must be submitted in
writing to the Central Guardian Knights Chapter.
The New Charter Chapter Application form must identify the members that will hold
the positions of President, Vice President, Secretary/Treasurer, Sergeant at Arms,
and Road Captain. (Sgt. at Arms and Road Captain are optional with approval from
the Central Guardian Knights Executive Board)
A minimum of five members is required to start a new Charter Chapter.
A New Charter Chapter Application form is available upon request from the Central
Guardian Knights Chapter and may be made available on their website.
Section 2
– Requirements for Members of a new Chapter
All members of the new Charter Chapter, including transferring members from other
chapters, shall complete a Prospective Membership Application form to be submitted
to the Central Guardian Knights Chapter.
Application fees are identified in the Prospective Membership Application form.
New prospective membership application fees will be sent to the
Central Guardian Knights Chapter.
Members in good standing that are transferring from an existing chapter are not
required to pay the application fee.
A Prospective Membership Application form is available upon request from the
Central Guardian Knights Chapter and may be made available on their website.
Section 3
– Founding Chapter
The Central Chapter of the Guardian Knights
, inc.
is the founding chapter and will act as the mother chapter for all other chapters in the
organization. This founding chapter will:
Post the Guardian Knights Bylaws for public viewing on the Guardian Knights website.
Approve and authorize the formation of new Guardian Knights Motorcycle Club
Chapter Executive Boards.
Approve and authorize the formation of new Guardian Knights Motorcycle Club
Charter Chapters.
Make an announcement of a new Charter Chapters to all other GKMC chapters.
Procure and distribute all clothing items that display the Guardian Knights Colors
on the back of
the item when these items are fashioned in such a way as to resemble Guardian Knights
members Colors.
Procure and distribute Guardian Knights colors to be worn on the back of all members’ vests.
Provide Certificate’s of Acceptance recognizing each Guardian Knights Motorcycle
Charter Chapter.

Revoke or suspend any Guardian Knights Motorcycle Club
Charter Chapter that
fails to maintain the integrity of the Guardian Knights Bylaws.
Maintain a roster of all chapters’ Executive Boards and all Guardian Knights members.
Maintain a Guardian Knights website. The website shall include:
A page for each chapter with the contact information of the chapter’s
Board of Directors and a link to their website.
A page with links to Guardian Knights official documents and forms.
Section 4
- Charter Chapters
All chapters granted charter by the Guardian Knights will:
A New Charter Chapter Executive Board shall sign a document indicating they agree
to abide by and maintain the integrity of the GKMC Bylaws.
Will be required to participate in a least one conference per year with the Central Guardian Knights
Executive Board.
Establish individual chapter operating policies. Each Guardian Knights Motorcycle
chapter shall complete their version of a document known as the “Chapter
Operating Policy” and keep it with a copy of the Guardian Knights Motorcycle Club
Bylaws. The Chapter Operating Policy will not override or conflict with the Guardian Knights
Bylaws. A copy of the chapter operating policies and any subsequent amendments
will be forwarded to the Central Guardian Knights Executive Board for a check of compliance with
the Guardian Knights Bylaws, Articles of incorporation and Non-Profit status.
Each Charter Chapter will be responsible for seeing that a roster of members
including their contact information is provided to the Central Guardian Knights Chapter on an
annual basis. Further they will notify the Central PA chapter of all new
prospects/members within 30 days of their application and forward a copy of those
applications to the secretary/treasurer of the Central Guardian Knights Chapter within that time.
Be responsible for the proper conduct and licensing of any and all fund raisers,
raffles, or events that raise monies for their chapters and do so in accordance with
Local, State and Federal laws.
Include their chapter name on all notices, flyers and calendar entries of events, fund
raisers, raffles, etc..
Require all chapter members to obey all Local, State and Federal laws.
Use Rules of Order to settle any procedural
disputes which will prevail in all cases not in conflict with
the Guardian Knights Bylaws.
If their Guardian Knights Motorcycle Club
Chapter should disband, all assets of the
chapter must be transferred
to the mother chapter.
Section 5
– Expulsion of a Chapter

that a chapter is conducting itself in a manner that conflicts with the
Guardian Knights Motorcycle Club
Bylaws must send substantiated proof of such
allegations to the President of the Central Guardian Knights Chapter.
The Central Chapter Board
will proceed with the possible expulsion as follows:
The Central Chapter Board will have a discussion with its general
membership about the allegations.
If the allegations cannot be substantiated a letter will be sent to the accused
chapter President informing him of the allegations and that they cannot be
The allegations will be provided to the chapter in question by means of a
written notification in a certified letter with return receipt. The accused
chapter will have (30) thirty days to contest the accusations.
If the allegations can be substantiated, a 2/3 vote of the Central Chapter
members present at a general meeting are required to expel a chapter.
If the Central Chapter decides to expel a chapter, written notification by
means of a certified letter with return receipt will be sent to the President of
the expelled chapter indicating expulsion and the rationale thereof.
When formal expulsion from the Guardian Knights is mandated,
the expelled chapter will:
Cease and desist from the Guardian Knights.
Forfeit their colors, patches and any Guardian Knights property to the Central PA Chapter
within (30) thirty days of expulsion notification.
Will have no right, title, interest or claim in any assets of the Guardian Knights.
Relinquish any rights to a refund of fees or contributions by the expelled
chapter to the Central Chapter.
Transfer all assets to the mother chapter
The Central Chapter will notify all Guardian Knights chapters of the expulsion.
If the expelled chapter President fails to comply with the request to return any and
all property owned by the Central Chapter within (30) thirty days, the Central
Chapter will file a criminal complaint with the police of the expelled chapters
location requesting larceny charges be filed against the chapter’s President and or its
general membership. No member from that chapter may transfer during the time of
the allegations to another chapter to escape the pending decision of the Central
– Non-Profit Status
Section 1
– Non-Profit Status Objectives
The Guardian Knights Motorcycle Club
formed as a Non-Profit ORGANISATION. It is the responsibility
of each chapter to do the following for
proper operation.
Establish Articles of Incorporation in their respective LAWS.

File for the proper Non-Profit tax filing status.
File tax returns in accordance with LAW.
Each individual chapter is responsible for the proper conduct and licensing of any and all fund
raisers, raffles, or events that raise monies for their chapters and must do so in accordance with
– Chapter Autonomy
Section 1
– Objectives of Chapter Autonomy
Each new Charter Chapter operates independently from the Central Chapter and
independently from all other chapters of the Guardian Knights Motorcycle Club
while still bound by the Guardian Knights Bylaws.
Each chapter is responsible for its own actions, conduct and is liable for any and all
of their performed functions.
Charter Chapters and or their individual members do not pay annual dues or fees to
the Central Chapter. Chapters must however pass on initiation fees minus their
dues for new members.
Individual chapters are authorized to use the Guardian Knights
Colors to
benefit their individual chapter, not any individual member(s). Use of the trademark
must be done in accordance with the Guardian Knights Bylaws.
The Central Chapter reserves the right to suspend or revoke the use of the
Colors, by any individual chapter or chapter member for violations of the Guardian Knights
Bylaws, violation of Local, State, Federal laws, criminal offenses or conduct that
brings discredit to the Guardian Knights Motorcycle Club
– Amendment of Bylaws
- These Bylaws may be amended by the Executive Board of the Central
Chapter of the Guardian Knights Motorcycle Cub
, inc. by a majority vote of the
Proposed Amendment Process
- Proposed amendments to the bylaws must be
suggested by chapters not individual members. Individual members with proposals
for amendments to the bylaws must first propose those amendments to their
chapter. Once the proposal is accepted by a majority of the voting members of the
chapter, it may be presented by that chapter to the Executive Board of the Central
Chapter in writing for consideration.
Consideration of Amendments
- Generally proposals for amendment of the
bylaws will be considered at the Annual Meeting of the Guardian Knights. However, in
particularly time sensitive cases the Executive Board may choose to address
amendments at any time.
Submission Requirements
- Proposals should be submitted in writing at least 30
days prior to the scheduled annual meeting for consideration.



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Swordsmen and Viscounts shall form and be One Dominion under the Name of KnightNet;

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KnightNet shall be divided into Five levels of hierarchy named King and Queen, Counts,
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1. The Authority of and over KnightNet is hereby declared to continue and be vested in the

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2. There shall be a Roundtable to aid and advise in the running of KnightNet, to be styled the

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shall be from Time to Time chosen and summoned by the Roundtable and sworn in as Swordsmen

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3. All Powers, Authorities, and Functions which under any part of the Constitution are at the

Union vested in or exercisable by the respective members of the Roundtable, or with the Advice

and Consent, of the King and Queen.

4. It shall be lawful for the King and Queen, if Their Majesties think fit, to authorize any

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exercise such of the Powers, Authorities, and Functions of the King and/or Queen as he/she deems

it necessary or expedient to assign to him or them, subject to any Limitations or Directions
expressed or given by the King or Queen.


1. There shall be One Constitution of KnightNet, consisting of the King and Queen, Counts, Knights

and Swordsmen.

2. The privileges, immunities, and powers to be held, enjoyed, and exercised by the Counts and

by the Knights, and by the Swordsmen thereof respectively, shall be such as are from time

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